Install Muli Client on your Desktop

The X2Go Muli Client provides a remote Xwindow session and includes substantial compression algorithm to provide good performance over wide-area networks.

Muli does not recommend that Muli be delivered to remote users via a RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) compression algorithm as you are compressing and uncompressing twide.

With Muli Version 15, we will be moving to enable suitable browsers with HTML5 and Web Sockets to access Muli.  this technology, in testing, looks like providing a further 50% performance improvement (but not if you RDP it).

If you are new to this procedure, we recommend watching the training video "Muli Client Setup" -  CLICK HERE to view.

** If you are having login problems try rebooting the workstation before anything else. Occasionally other software refuses to relinquish services that Muli uses and a reboot fixes this.

Please UNINSTALL any other versions of Muli first!  - See here for instructions

You may need Administrator access to install software and remove the folder.

  1. Download and install the Muli Client software - this is available below
  2. Run the Muli authorisation file (sent via email)